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Looking for a Finger Lakes summer rental this year?

Have you noticed how expensive it is to get vacation time on a lake front property? Rental prices have shot up, yet it’s still hard to find availability on some of the more popular Finger Lakes.

Many homes with lake frontage have had their assessments triple in the last 3 or 4 years. Renters and buyers from Downstate find the cost of Upstate property very affordable compared to Long Island property. Small lots with flat access to the lake sell for over a half million!

It is hard for multi-generational property owners to hang onto the property that has been passed on for five or six generations. The summer rental season is short, which means the cost of use per summer day is more expensive than the cost of staying at a resort!

If you are thinking about renting property in the Finger Lakes this summer, don’t wait any longer. Many of the nicest locations book up in the early fall for the next summer with returning renters. Start searching on Chamber sites like and find that perfect place of summer rest now!

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What to do when it’s not summer?

So it’s not sunny and 85 degrees. That might dampen the spirits of warm-blooded lovers of the Fingerlakes, but there are still LOTS of awesome things to do and places to go.

A drive along route 20 is a great way to start. There are antique stores, great spots to eat and charming little towns like Canandaigua, Geneva and Skaneateles.

While you’re in Canandaigua, don’t forget to stop at Phoenix Coffee, run by my friends Joe and Sue Wierzbowski. (Isn’t it ironic that a guy named “Joe” runs a coffee shop?).

Check out their website and see what a charming location this really is!

Phoenix coffee has great baked goods and a really friendly atmosphere, and Joe makes a great brunch on Sundays.

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