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Hiking Wesley Hill — a Natural High

On a sunny Saturday afternoon I drove down the east side of Honeoye Lake, looking for Wesley Hill Rd. I had decided that this was the easiest route (by looking at the map) to get to the Wesley Hill Nature Preserve. Wesley Hill Road was almost as much of an adventure as the beautiful 300+ acres I hiked at the top. The road is not paved and very steep. I am assuming that the bottom of it is closed in the winter as my not 4-wheeled drive car spun and wound it’s way up to the top of what seemed much larger than a “hill.”

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Hemlock Lake Cycling Circling

At sunrise I took in the northern end of the lake and parked my car near the entrance to the boat launch road. It was easy to hop on Route 15A and head south. There was not too much traffic, just lots of trucks, with enough shoulder to be off the road. The road was entirely in shade, which would be great during a summer ride. Even with wool gloves, my hands felt like chunks of ice until I was well up the western side of the lake.

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Finger Lakes Summer “Good-bye” to the Summer of 2010

With sadness I say goodbye to: the summer of 2010, to my first 49 years of childhood, and to my son Alex who just left for college. Goodbye to days spent in a damp bathing suit because it’s too hot to get dressed. Goodbye day lilies, black raspberries, fresh corn, dinners where we cook everything on the grill, sunset boat rides and swimming by fire light and s’mores.

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Finger Lakes Summer “Good-bye” to the Summer of 2010

Saying goodbye to summer in New York State is a sad event. Summers are short, and Upstaters like me, pack-in intense outdoor activities from dawn until dusk.

This particular summer was the MOST spectacular I can remember — an entire summer of beautiful hot swimmable days. Never a 45 degree 4th of July, or damp, millipede-infested August.

With sadness I say goodbye to: summer, to my first 49 years of childhood, and to my son Alex who just left for college. Goodbye to days in a damp suit because its just too hot to get dressed.  Goodbye Day Lilies and Black Raspberries,

There is SO MUCH to look forward to: raking leaves, the changing colors around the lake, hiking w/out mosquitos, apples, cider, pumpkins, lots of squash, horse chestnuts, the last swim of the season, closing the camp, finding my sweaters again, and … did I mention … raking leaves?


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Cayuga: the great lake of the Finger Lakes

We put our boat in at Cayuga Lake State Park. Easy boat launch — pay no attention to that capsized catamaran. WOW! There is a lot of seaweed at the north end of the lake. Once we cleared the sea of seaweed, it was not to be smooth sailing. “Let’s cross the lake and find our friends on the east side.

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