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Harriet Hollister: Snow Above All

Open year-round, the recreation area offers panoramic views of the countryside, including Honeoye Lake. Because of its elevation, this recreation area gets more snow than many parks in the area, making it a mecca for winter sports enthusiasts. Trails, ranging in difficulty from novice to expert, are constructed, maintained, and groomed by the Rochester Cross Country Ski Foundation. Cross-country skiing teams often use Spencer for practice, and recreational groups can often be seen on a winter outing.

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Lloyds Limited with 137 years of Penn Yan history!

Visiting Penn Yan

Downtown Penn Yan

In downtown Penn Yan, located at 3 Main Street, is a pub called Lloyds Limited. It has a history that goes back 137 years as a hotel, pool parlor, chevy dealer, puzzle factory and of course, a restaurant  We stopped in at Lloyds on a quiet Sunday afternoon, while hunting for movie stars, and enjoyed a great lunch.

Philly Cheese Steak and a BBQ Pork Sandwich with sides

They make their own beef BBQ and it was fabulous. Charlie ordered a Philly Cheese Steak and was very happy.  Their sides were also very good, and we tried a variety — cole slaw, chili, beans, and the tomato salad. Chase it all down with some regional brews made a great meal for a reasonable price.

I located a history of the varied businesses and owners at 3 Main Street, Penn Yan, NY:

1873 – 1890     Barron House:  Michael Barron

1890 – 1906     Barron’s Hotel:  Various Owners

1906 – 1938     Building owned by John Ackley

1906 – 1907     Ackley House – Rooms to Rent on 2nd floor / Saloon & Restaurant on

ground floor – George Smalley – business owner

1913 – 1920     Pool Parlor:  George Quenan

1920 – 1922     Hay and Grain Storage:  Wendell Dean

1922 – 1924     E.J.Loder – Auto Exchange – Chevrolet Sales:   E.J. Loder

1924 – 1927     Yates Restaurant:  E.J. Loder

1927 – 1931     Restaurant :  Alfred J. Bennett

1930 – 1931     Barber (one one side of double doors) Earl Douglas

Jigsaw Puzzles – made and sold (other side of double doors)

1931 – 1933     Stag Hotel – Rooms for 50¢ and 75¢:  Red Hartzell

1938 – 1945     Building owned by Elizabeth Dolan

1933 – 1977     R & M Grill Various Owners

1977 – 2000     Lloyds Limited – A Pub:  Building & Business owned by Warren Lloyd

2000 – 201      Lloyds Limited – A Pub:  Building & Business owned by Robert Champlin

Some Other Interesting History Facts!

From 1833 to 1877, the area behind 3 Main St. was a “waterway”, which is now Basin St.  Boats could travel between Keuka and Seneca Lakes and pull up behind 3 Main St. to load or unload goods.

On January 16th, 1920 the 18th Amendment of the US Constitution took away Americans’ right to drink alcohol. This was called Prohibition.  Illegal saloons or “Speak Easy” began to pop up.  There was a “Speak Easy” in the basement of 3 Main St. from 1920 – 1933.  The entrance to the Speak easy was at the back door of the building next door, at 1 Main St.

At the repeal of Prohibition in 1933, the R & M Grill was the first bar in Yates County to serve a legal drink!

By the way, the name of the village is said to have been contrived from the first syllables of ” Pennsylvania ” and ” Yankee,” as most of the early settlers were Pennsylvanians and New Englanders (Yankees).

Information about Llyoyds Limited — for 2010 and beyond!

Free Internet Access from AirXcess available inside!

Monday-Friday: 3pm – 1am Dinners Served Every Day til Midnight

Open weekends for Lunch , Saturdays at 11am and Sundays at Noon!

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Finger Lake’s Finest — The New York Wine and Culinary Center

If you have only one day to spend in the Finger Lakes and you have want to sample a bit of everything, make sure you visit the New York Wine and Culinary Center.

The Center (or NYWCC) offers cooking classes, wine, beer and spirits tastings, a gift shop and a restaurant.

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Dickens’ Christmas: Skaneateles, NY

Enjoy a unique Finger Lakes holiday celebration by stepping back in time in Skaneateles. Each year from Thanksgiving to the 24th of December the town welcomes Charles Dickens and his cast of characters, to interact with residents and visitors in the streets, stores and restaurants.

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