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Conesus Cycling Circling

If you want to bike around a Finger Lake but wonder if a typical Finger Lakes 50+ mile jaunt, with glacier-cut hills that will humble you, sounds more like torture than fun, try riding around Conesus Lake.

The less than 25-mile ride offers a nice variety of road surfaces, great views of the lake, parks for stopping and some great eating spots.

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Schweinfurth Memorial Art Center: Auburn New York

Finger Lakes Summer

Located at 205 Genesee St in Auburn

“Building a vibrant community through the arts,” is the tag line for the Schweinfurth Museum. They are quietly contributing  through their amazing art exhibitions, classes, films, performances, and lectures in Auburn New York, as well as their commitment to recognize and promote the art of quilting and fiber arts.

What they don’t mention is that this gallery is also a location for showcasing the work of Finger Lakes artists.

I could not take photos of the incredible prints that were on display at the gallery, but the tiny gallery brings in powerful shows for such a small footprint. It’s worth the trip or a quick detour while enroute to somewhere along Route 20.

Finger Lakes Summer

Crazy Quilt or Puzzle Patchwork Quilt, hanging in Cayuga Museum

“Quilting by the Lake” is an annual conference held in June and July, at Onondaga Community College, which features 31 quilting classes for traditional and art quilters of all levels, lectures, a quilt show and vendors.

From the end of October through January the Schweinfurth hosts a juried exhibition of quilts.

Finger Lakes Summer

Close-up of a "crazy quilt" from the Cayuga Museum

The images above were taken at the Cayuga Museum (Next door to the Schweinfurth Gallery).
Crazy Quilts (1880) were created by sewing scraps on to a larger foundation fabric. They were also called puzzle patchwork or mosaic patchwork.

Fabric scraps could be purchased through mail order magazines, and cigar and cigarette businesses offered fabric as premiums with their products

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A Trip to Owen Orchards in Elbridge

Finger lakes Summer

Cortland, Macintosh, and Jonamacs were in season.

This week’s post is guest written by Adam Coholan.

While fall is officially here according to the calendar, the sun is still out and the air is warm as summer slowly loosens its grip over the Finger Lakes region.  When the days get shorter and the leaves start to turn, the farms in the area come alive.  With a myriad of activities, from tractor rides through apple orchards to corn mazes and pumpkin patches, it is truly an exciting time to live in Upstate New York.

Many of the surrounding trees were still green, speckled with some red and orange of leaves

There’s one tradition my family started a few years back that I now look forward to as soon as I know it’s fall.

Grandma, the snowbird, dodges the cold winters by heading to Florida each fall around the end of October, so a few years back we developed a plan to get the whole family together before she left.  The end result was a trip to Owen Orchards for a little apple picking, and we’ve been going back ever since.

Located right off of Route 5 in Elbridge, it’s an easy location to get to and luckily they have ample parking, because we usually show up with about twenty people.

As I step out of the car, I’m immediately hit with the smell of fresh cider donuts and apple fritters.  It’s hard to resist the urge to head directly into the barn for a fritter and some cider to wash it down.

Somehow we all fought temptation and entered the orchard, just as a tractor unloaded a wagon of pickers lugging bags of apples.  We clambered aboard and the driver took us on a tour of the orchard before dropping us off where all the action was.

It was a gorgeous day, a few clouds dotting a brilliant blue sky.  We went earlier than normal this year, and many of the surrounding trees were still green, speckled with some red and orange of leaves looking to get a jump on the winter.

Among others, Cortland, Macintosh, and Jonamacs were in season.  My grandma makes amazing homemade applesauce, so I helped her fill up a couple bags.  When all of our bags were busting at the seams, we jumped back on the tractor for the quick trip to the barn.

Our “work” done, we gave into the aromas and ordered a couple donuts and some cider, then continued browsing around the barn, checking out the crafts, pumpkins, and other treats on display.  It’s a great experience every year, the staff is terrifically friendly and certainly knowledgeable about all things apples.  They even let our dogs come with us out into the orchard.  There are dozens of orchards throughout the Finger Lakes, and having been to many, Owen Orchards is the one that keeps us coming back year after year.

Thanks Owen!

Adam Coholan is an active blogger who writes about experiencing New York’s great outdoors for Elliman Real Estate, the top NY agency for homes, apartments, and condos.
You can reach him on Twitter

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Kayak launch from LaSalle’s Landing

Rochester New York has several easy spots to drive, park, drop in your kayak and be surrounded by nature in minutes. LaSalles Landing on Empire Boulevard in Webster is a perfect example. From my house its less than a 15 minute drive. Distance from car to water about 30 ft. You paddle from Irondequoit Bay under the bridge and you can easily explore Ellyson Park’s wetlands.

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Bambino’s Bistro brings a big slice of Italy to Auburn

Bambino’s Bistro serves great Northern Italian cuisine at reasonable prices. Step through the doors and you are in a warm, comfortable bistro setting with white tablecloths and candlelit tables.

Owners Guillermo and Gabriella Salinas left their busy Brooklyn restaurant, transforming an Auburn pizza parlor into a the hottest spot in downtown Auburn.

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