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Finger lakes

View from north end of the lake

If you want to bike around a Finger Lake but wonder if a typical Finger Lakes 50+ mile jaunt, with glacier-cut hills that will humble you, sounds more like torture than fun, try riding around Conesus Lake.

The less than 25-mile ride offers a nice variety of road surfaces, great views of the lake, parks for stopping and some great eating spots.

To start I parked in a lot (extension of Vitale Park) for boat trailers along Pebble Beach Road and started down the west side of the lake.

Finger lakes

West Lake Road, good shoulder, fast cars

The west side of the lake is well paved and has a nice shoulder with beautiful lake views from above, but the road has a 55 MPH speed limit. You soon arrive at the entrance of Long Point Park, which has picnic tables, free parking and nice bathrooms. It might make a nice starting point.

Conesus Outlet at south end of lake is a nice hike

At the southern end of the lake is another great stopping point. The Conesus Outlet has a trail with boardwalk access to the marsh. The marsh attracts a variety of water birds, including eagle. It looked like there was a LOT of poison ivy off the trail, and climbing most of the trees.

On a sign next to the outlet is said Conesus Lake:  “Home of the Turtle Stone.”

I was curious to know what a Turtle Stone was.  “A bulbous mineral concretion usually found within a layer of sedimentary rock. Often called Turtle Stones. They are formed by minerals found within rock layer precipitating towards a nucleus (mineral or bone) and under great pressure, form a rock, harder than the surrounding rock.”

We find these all the time on Skaneateles Lake and my whole life we have referred to them as “Dinosaur Eggs.”

Riding up the east side of the lake was fun because you ride right along the lake edge. The speed limit is only 35, but there was no shoulder and the road was quite pitted. I think by 2012 there will be a wider road and perhaps even a shoulder.

Finger lakes

Alpaca make great grass cutters

The first thing I passed at the southern end of the lake was an Alpaca farm.

Finger Lakes

Shoreless Acres: "If we don't have it, you probably didn't need it."

Mid-way up the lake is a perfect lunch spot. Shoreless Acres is a grocery store that has an outdoor dining room of sorts during the summer, and off-season you can get a great Roast Beef Sandwich. Do not skip this pit stop.

Finger lakes

Riding north on East Lake Road provided a nice lakeside view

The rest of the way north was fun as I could ride right along the lake edge, and could watch the locals enjoying the sunshine. The cottages are so close to the road that I passed right by my friend Erin, who was doing a little outdoor maintenance.

The ride ended in Vitale Park, at the north end of the lake, which on a sunny day was full of kayakers, picnickers, bocce players and tired bikers like me.

Important questions for bikers:
Where are there public restroom facilities at Conesus Lake?
Vitale Park, Lakeville (open year round)
Long Point Park, Geneseo
NYS Boat Launch, 5030 East Lake Rd.
NYS Boat Launch, West Lake Rd., Conesus (portable toilet)

Lake Information:

Despite its modest size, Conesus is one of the most heavily populated Finger Lakes, largely due to the fact that the entire lake is served by public sewers and water, electricity, natural gas, and cable television access, and is within a short drive of Rochester.

Length:  8 miles
Maximum Width:  1 mile
Maximum Depth:  66 ft


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