The Piggery: Ithaca’s (and the world’s) Best Pulled Pork Sandwiches

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Finger Lakes Summer

Fun on a bun: Pulled Pork Sliders

Ithaca strikes me as the LAST place on earth to have a restaurant that specializes in pork. If it was “The Sproutery” or “Veggies and Stuff,” I’d believe it. But when my friend Kevin told us not to miss The Piggery, I was incredulous.

So Emily and I decided to go whole hog. We walked in at noon on a Sunday and ordered a plate of bacon. They delivered a classic comedic response: “We ran out of bacon yesterday.”

So I asked, “Besides bacon, what is the Piggery famous for?”

The waiter slyly said, “Well, our pulled pork sandwiches are pretty popular.” That was an understatement. Their pulled pork sandwiches are fun in a bun. I have never experienced pulled pork like this.

Finger Lakes Summer

Super logo, nice decor, all pales in comparison with the pork

The restaurant is a bit off the beaten path. We were lucky to spot it as we were  pulling out of the Ithaca Farmer’s Market, on to Rt 13, and there it was, right across the street.

Finger Lakes Summer

“We ran out of bacon yesterday.”

The Piggery is painted with porcine warmth, and nicely decorated for its small space. But let me not waste words on decor, when I can squeal about their sandwiches, which by the way, with a bottle of some lovely local brew define hog heaven.

I did not bother to find out if our piglets had been grass-fed or allowed to romp freely on the range prior to consuming it, but since it’s Ithaca, maybe I should be a bit more earnest.

“The Piggery is a small, family farm owned butcher shop and deli featuring pork from our pig farm in Trumansburg and beef, chicken and produce from other local farms. The deli is open seven days a week featuring our famous tacos, burritos, pulled pork sandwiches and soups as well as breakfast sandwiches and burritos and a full line of espresso and coffee drinks.”

When anywhere even remotely near Ithaca, stop by the Piggery for an amazing pulled pork sandwich, and maybe they’ll even have bacon.

(607) 272-2276
423 Franklin St. – Across Route 13 from the Ithaca Farmer’s Market

Deli Hours:

Sunday, Monday-Tuesday 11am-3pm for lunch service
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 11am-9pm ** new extended hours!
Saturday 11am-9pm

Meat Counter Hours: 

Wednesday, Thursday – Friday 11pm-7pm
Saturday 8am-7pm


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