Lucien Morin Park — Guided Hikes Unlock the Secrets of the Trail

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Finger lakes Summer

The footpaths that wind along the waterways were originally created by Indians.

It’s nice to take a hike on a sunny fall day, even nicer when you have an experienced guide to tell you the secrets of the trail.

Finger lakes Summer

A colorful canopy of Sassafras, Red Oak, Basswood, Catalpa, and Sugar Maple

I took a hike with the Penfield Trails Committee to learn more about Lucien Morin Park, aka the Ellison Park Wetland aka The Rifle Range Trail. The Rifle Range Trail is so named because it passes what remains of a rifle range and pistol range formerly used by the National Guard and State Police, during WWII.

The guided hike lasted 2 hours. We trekked through heavily wooded areas along Irondequoit Creek, traversing slopes and ravines as well as some of the creek banks. This area is great for bird watching, fishing, hiking, running, kayaking, and canoeing.

As we walked we learned about how the glaciers first formed the varied terrain, and Indians created the footpaths we walked.

Finger lakes Summer

The wetlands that weave through the park make for fabulous kayaking and canoeing

Here are some of plants our guide identified. The names of these plants are positively poetic. Follow the link to learn more about them.



Virginia Creeper 

Joe Pye Weed



Witch Hazel

Christmas Fern

Maidenhair Fern

American Beech




Crown Vetch


 The trails committee offers guided hikes monthly.

For a trail map.


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