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Great images of the famous Krebs Restaurant in Skaneateles, courtesy of Kihm Winship.


krebbs flowers 1Early Krebs postcard, mailed in 1911. Note the double ‘b’ on Krebb’s.

krebbs flowers 2Same view, different flowers.

krebs-1911Also in 1911, with two women on the porch. Still a “residence.”

krebs-staff-webWith waitresses on the porch.

Krebs Staff TintedAnd a later, tinted version of the photo above.

krebs-girls-webThe waitresses in all their glory. You will find their names and a bit of history here.

krebs-crisp-webWith “KREBS” typed on the border

krebs-hornsOn the dining room wall, horns said to have been imported from Italy in 1875 by Charles Krebs for his Lake View House, and then passed down to his son, Fred Krebs. My thanks to Gard Lorey for the loan of Pictorial History of Skaneateles (1980) from which this was taken.

krebs-larrabee-1The Krebs dining room; the horns were still on the wall, but fresh flowers and wallpaper had warmed up the room. This card was contributed to the Skaneateles Historical Society by Ethel…

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