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The Corning Glass Works Museum: Hot Glass

The Museum has hot glass and the coolest collection of glass art

The Museum has hot glass and the coolest collection of glass art

What kind of Finger Lakes adventures can be enjoyed any time of year — even when it’s yucky outside?

Visit the Corning Museum of Glass CMOG. The Museum provides many fascinating facets that I never knew about glass. There is the art sand crafts side of glass as well as the science and technology side.

The Glass Museum features ancient glass artifacts as well as modern art

The Glass Museum features ancient glass artifacts as well as modern art

The museum has an incredible collection with sophisticated glasswork on display spanning thousands of years, with beads crafted by the Egyptians, through today, where we see glasswork by famous artists like Dale Chihuly.

TechnologyCenter_CMOGOne of the most interesting aspects of glass is how it reacts with light. In the Innovation Center you can learn (and see) how glass changes our world.

HotGlass_CMOG2 HotGlass_CMOG HotGlass_CMOG3There are Hot Glass demonstrations that take place several times a day.  This is the BEST part of the museum, because the glassmakers or “Gaffers” are tremendously talented craftsmen and they do a great job of teaching you as they create.

See Demo 

There is a new 275 seat hot glass studio under construction, that will be ready in 1014. The intent of the new glassmaking space is to create the ultimate venue for glassmaking demonstrations.

Make sure you make time to see it for yourself. Check out their blog.

Information on the museum:

Open Every Day

9:00 am – 5:00 pm 
September 4 through May 24
9:00 am – 8:00 pm 
May 25 through September 3
Closed only 4 days per year: January 1, Thanksgiving Day, December 24, December 25.

The Corning Museum of Glass – One Museum Way – Corning, NY 14830 800.732.6845

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Hike + History = Mt Hope Cemetery

Rolling hills make for dramatic views

Rolling hills make for dramatic views

One sunny, warm Sunday afternoon, we took a long walk through Mt Hope Cemetary. This cemetery is famous for the grave sites of Stephen Douglas, Henry Lomb, Hiram Sibley, Nathaniel Rochester, Margaret Woodbury Strong, and Susan B Anthony.

Bronze Mausoleum Doors

Bronze Mausoleum Doors

Mount Hope Cemetery is one of the most remarkable Victorian cemeteries in America. Its 196 acres of lofty hills and picturesque valleys created by glaciers were transformed into a beautiful historic cemetery. A mature, diversified forest  forms an arboretum shading thousands of marble, bronze, and granite monuments. The cemetery is a verdant museum of funerary sculpture and mausoleums spanning more than a century and a half.

Monument to the soldiers of the Civil War

Monument to the soldiers of the Civil War

The Friends of Mount Hope offer guided walking tours each weekend, May through October.

Close-up view of the Civil War Monument reveals beautiful patina

Close-up view of the Civil War Monument reveals beautiful patina

Dedicated in 1838 in Rochester NY, Mount Hope is America’s first municipal Victorian cemetery.

Screen Shot 2013-01-13 at 7.14.52 PMThe cemetery features 82 mausoleums, soaring Egyptian obelisks, winged angels of mercy, a Florentine cast-iron fountain, two stone chapels in Gothic Revival style, a Moorish gazebo, and infinitely varied tombstones marking 350,000 graves.


Great names. And he had 3 wives

Great names. And he had 2 wives

Get lost in the sea of green

Get lost in the sea of green

You can hike over many well trod roads as well as less travelled pathways as you view 2 centuries of memorials in every form and fashion. The winding hills and variety of trees make this a top pick when visiting Rochester.

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Register today for I Love My Park Day at a park near you: May 4, 2013

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Goodbye Railroad Bridge over the Genesee River in Letchworth State Park

Great reason to take a trip to Letchworth this spring. Last chance to walk under this bridge.

New York Outdoors Blog

According to an article by Irene Szabo in the Finger Lakes Trail News, the days of the iconic railroad bridge over the Genesee River in Letchworth State Park are numbered. The current steel and iron trestle was built in 1875 to replace an all wooden structure that serviced the original Erie Railroad since the 1850’s. Now Norfolk Southern needs an updated bridge that doesn’t require frequent repairs, a 10 mph speed limit, and lightly loaded rail cars.

The plans call for a steel single arch trestle to be built 75 feet further south. They hope to being a 3-year construction project this summer.

Plan now to attend the FLTC Spring weekend on June 1st. It may be your last chance to walk beneath the 138 year old portage bridge.

It explore it on your own this spring pick up a copy of the guidebook “Take Your Bike – Family Rides…

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In depth photo tour of Canandaigua New York

Photography for the Media

I learned more about my hometown by doing this assignment than I have the 2o years I’ve lived here. Holding a camera seriously opens your eyes to what everything really looks like. Out of all of these, my favorite is the one where I’m standing in the middle of Main Street. The perspective lines really make this picture look cool.

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