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Audubon Christmas Bird Count

A beautiful sunrise for the Audobon Christmas Bird Count.

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Finger Lakes Kayaking Adventures

There is no better way to share how much fun it is to kayak in the Finger lakes region than to share what you get to see when right on the water.

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Lucien Morin Park — Guided Hikes Unlock the Secrets of the Trail

It’s nice to take a hike, even nicer when you have an experienced guide to share everything you would ever want to know about the plants and the history of the area.

I took a hike with the Penfield Trails Committee to learn more about Lucien Morin Park, aka the Ellison Park Wetland aka The Rifle Range Trail. The Rifle Range Trail is so named because it passes what remains of a rifle range and pistol range formerly used by the National Guard and State Police, during WWII.

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Fly Above the Finger Lakes

Finger Lakes SummerThe best way to see the Finger Lakes is to get a view from 3,000 feet. Finger Lakes Flight School provided me a great view of the stunning landscape while simultaneously allowing me to cross an item off my bucket list — riding in a plane with my 17-year old son flying. I should have read the warning. “Before taking off remove stomach.”

Finger Lakes SummerOur pilot, Mike, has been flying for almost 60 years. He was Nick’s teacher and told us that he had learned to fly as a teenager in Honeoye Falls. Apparently he did not get along with his bus driver, so he would fly to high school.

Finger Lakes SummerOur plane carried the 4 of us packed into a space so small we had to be instructed, one at a time, on how to get in. If you never have flown in a single engine Cessna, picture fashioning a your private plane out of tin foil, sliding into it like a foot using a shoe horn to get in a shoe. The propeller spins like a propeller on a wind-up balsa-wood plane. You look out the window and you are 3,000 feet above the earth. Remind yourself to breathe, and tell yourself over and over that you are PERFECTLY SAFE.

Finger Lakes SummerMike was gracious and generous as a flight instructor. We took off and headed north to Lake Ontario. Once we hit the coast we headed towards downtown Rochester, flying over Irondequoit Bay, downtown Rochester and back over Canandaigua Lake. The view along the shoreline of the lake is spectacular. It was a beautifully clear day. The sun came out and I could see the shadows of the trees projected over the lake edge. OK, maybe this is not too scary.

Finger Lakes SummerWhat I noticed most about the Finger Lakes landscape is an abundance of fresh water. Lakes, ponds, rivers and winding creeks between a checkerboard of farmland.

Now that I am on the ground again, and still breathing, I highly recommend you take a flight over the Finger Lakes.

For more information on flying.

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Abraham Lincoln Park — Hidden Gem on Irondequoit Bay

A “diamond in the rough” might be used to describe our 16th president, as well as this lovely gem of a park along the bay. Not only are the trails fun to hike, the views they provide are wonderful and the stream bed I explored was full of colorful gems.

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Webster: Trail all over town

My idea of a GREAT day is to be able to run two hours of solid trail. That’s not always so easy to find in the suburbs, but Webster New York, is definitely Trail Town. A joint effort between Friends of Webster Trails, The Town of Webster, The Genesee Land Trust, and the Monroe County Parks has created a huge network of connected trails and my perfect run

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Kayak launch from LaSalle’s Landing

Rochester New York has several easy spots to drive, park, drop in your kayak and be surrounded by nature in minutes. LaSalles Landing on Empire Boulevard in Webster is a perfect example. From my house its less than a 15 minute drive. Distance from car to water about 30 ft. You paddle from Irondequoit Bay under the bridge and you can easily explore Ellyson Park’s wetlands.

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