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Connie’s Restaurant, Waterloo, NY

Outside of Connie's Diner

Connie's Diner

If you wake up one morning and all you can think about is a slice of pie, then I have the restaurant for you! Many of the patrons of Connie’s Diner on 205 East Main St in Waterloo, NY, wake up thinking about pie regularly, and Connie’s takes care of their cravings. After a slice of the 3-Berry a la mode, we agreed!

Connie’s Diner is a tasty stop along route 20, on the eastern side of Waterloo. This ‘50s-style original Manno Diner is decorated in teal and orange, from the vertical sign outside, to the bench cushions for each booth.

Waitress at Connies

Betty Ann is our friendly waitress

Connie's Diner, Waterloo

Looking down the counter at Connies

Our waitress Betty Ann was generous with coffee. She let us take her picture with our breakfast plates. Our breakfast was great — potatoes served scallop-style, farm fresh eggs and meaty bacon.

Breakfast at Connie's Diner in Waterloo, NY

Paul Caratozzolo, co-owner of Connie's gives us a little history

We met the owner Paul Caratozzolo who generously and proudly told us about Connie’s history. Paul’s Mom, the diner’s namesake, bought the diner 21 years ago after cooking for many years at Hobart College. Connie and Paul’s brother, Carmen built the business with signature dishes like their homemade Lasagna, and FAMOUS selection of pies.

Try the pie for breakfast

3-berry pie for breakfast

Paul shared that most of his clientele are locals — some who stop by 3 times a day! His employees are long-timers who know who they are serving. It’s a very friendly place — especially to newcomers!

In case you are wondering what Waterloo is famous for, it is the birthplace of Memorial Day. On May 5, 1866, Waterloo conducted the nation’s first formal, continuing remembrance of veterans who had died in war. You’ll have to plan a visit to the Memorial Day History Museum to get the full story. After you finish I imagine you will have worked up an appetite for pie, and I know just the place to go!


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