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Beak & Skiff Apple Orchards — Best in the US!

Imagine an apple orchard with something interesting for everyone in the family — that would be Beak & Skiff Apple Orchards.

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Auburn’s Historic National Treasure: The Seward House

The beautifully preserved Seward House is filled with hundreds of portraits beautiful furniture and china, which span his 40-year political career, as Governor, Senator and Secretary of State

Knowledgeable staff is on-hand to provide guided tours, throughout the day. They share intimate details about Seward’s family and the history of this beautiful home. Unfortunately, photographs are not allowed inside the house.

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Finger Lakes Summer Says Don’t Miss Greentopia Festival

The Greentopia Festival is a two-day “World’s Fair” of environmental education, arts, music, activism and inspiration taking place in Rochester New York, Saturday and Sunday, September 17 and 18.

Join us at Rochester’s sustainability celebration to explore green living, Rochester style. It’s a two-day “World’s Fair” of inspiration through art, music, ideas and activism.

Speakers like Author and Activist Ed Begley Jr and Author, Educator, Environmentalist Bill McKibben. There will be workshops, how tos and films  Learn how you can think greens and how to apply it creatively in everyday life. There will be unusual family activities, community recycled art installations, mouthwatering organic and local food and beverages, and all kinds of live music.

There will even be an opportunity to “Bike the Bridges.” This ride allows Rochesterians and their families a highly accessible way to view and experience the bridges and falls of Rochester up close with other cyclists in a fun and celebratory way.

Some Local Environmental Groups appearing at Greentopia that I am exceptionally fond of: Will be showcased Saturday, 12:30 – 1:20 pm @ The Atrium in Max at High Falls

Jim Howe, The Nature Conservancy
Protecting Hemlock & Canadice Lakes – Rochester’s Drinking Water

Gay Mills, Genesee Land Trust
Connecting to Nature in the City and other Projects of Genesee Land Trust

June Summers, Genesee Valley Audobon Society
Native and Invasive Plants

You can help keep Lake Ontario beautiful

Paul Sawyko, Water Education Collaborative & H2O Hero
Lake Ontario Needs Heros

ALSO:  Sunday, 11:00 – 11:30 @ Seneca Room in Max at High Falls. Sarah Meyer, Finger Lakes Institute & Paul Sawyko are doing a demonstration on Rain Barrels & Rain Gardens.

The Driftwood Sailors

Sunday at 12:30 there will be music by The Driftwood Sailors, who I just heard on the Sunday night Shakedown with Frank DeBlaise. Lead singer Amanda Lee Peers haas a lovely voice reminiscent of Amy Winehouse.

Greentopia will provide incentives for participants using greener modes of transportation. Everything that can be recycled at the festival will be recycled. Every plate, fork, spoon, knife, cup, bowl, napkin, coffee stirrer and sample cup will be 100% compostable. And all food scraps will be collected and composted. All Greentopia collateral will be made with recycled and/or earth-friendly materials. Every event sign will be designed with reuse in mind. Each piece will be made from environmentally friendly materials.

Greentopia is being produced by the The GardenAerial.

The GardenAerial is a 501(c)3 non-profit grassroots organization advocating for the conversion of pre-existing structures and trails along the Genesee Gorge at High Falls into a multi-use, extraordinary public green space.

It is their vision to transform the perimeter of the Genesee Gorge,  including the Ponte de Rennes bridge, into a magical hanging outdoor arboretum – becoming a real and lasting symbol of the “Flower City”.

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Finger Lakes Antiques: Amazing Treasures to be Found

My Finger Lakes Treasure from the Teller House: a painting of their summer home.

The Finger Lakes area is loaded with antique stores and antiquing events. Should you vacation here, you may find yourself sucked in to a nearby town to hunt for a military trunk that can double as a coffee table, as I was recently, with my niece from Brooklyn. She said the prices were much lower than anything she had seen in the New York City area. We did not find a winner, but I think I might have about 6 different options for her in my attic.

I have six different military trunks in my attic

All were purchased by my Dad after WW2, and sent us all off to camp and college

I confess, I am NOT an “Antiquer.” I grew up in a house and cottage FILLED with antiques that I assumed were hand-me-downs from our many Finger Lakes relations. It did not occur to me that these were valuable or collectable.

My Grandpa had inherited the contents of 2 large estates in Auburn, New York in the early 1950s and most of us grand kids have furnished our homes with the furniture that came out of the summer and winter homes of Judge Teller and his spinster sister.

My oldest brother is the only one who can remember the process of having to empty the contents of the two homes. There was a horse drawn sleigh in the barn, civil war uniforms in trunks, and fruit preserves, in the basement, over 50 years old! Much of the furniture from these homes has made its way into the homes of my 4 siblings and me.

I remember the antiques in my Grandma’s house on East Lake Road in Skaneateles. Her house was where I spent my youthful Sundays with my big brother, both of us bored to death while the grown-ups were visiting, so we would explore, discovering the 50-year old Life Magazines in her attic, or climbing the long-since productive fruit trees in the orchard leading from her house to the lake.

This was one of the trucks we played with

My brother and I found metal toy trucks big enough for us to ride down her pitched driveway. He remembered this coca-cola truck.

Sunday afternoons at Grandmas House included these tiny classics

We also found “Big Little Books”upstairs in her guest bedroom that we devoured.

Here is a partial listing of some of the Finger Lakes antique stores:

Bloomfield Antique Mile — You’ll find plenty of antique shops representing more than 175 dealers! Beautiful Bloomfield, NY, is flourishing as an antique mecca: we’re home to a generous country mile of quality shops dotting the old Seneca Trail (now known as Routes 5 & 20)

The Carriage Factory Antiques contains 3 floors of old “stuff”  Located o between Canandaigua and Geneva, on 2348 State Route 5 and 20 in Stanley, NY 14561-9540, (585) 526-6076, Open Daily 10am-5pm

Country Reflections Antiques and Gifts — Located on 83 Cayuga St. in Seneca Falls at the Northern end of Cayuga Lake.

FOUND in Ithaca is a multi-dealer antique and vintage marketplace.  Located in the Cherry Street Industrial park just two blocks from Wegmans. FOUND’s 7000 square foot space has room for over 40 dealers. The website shows images of many items. 227 Cherry St, Ithaca, NY 14850, Open 10-6 every day, EXCEPT TUESDAY, Phone: 607.319.5078.

The Ithaca Antique Center – This “mall” is a lot more than a shop, but it has a more than 75 dealers  under one roof. Located at 1607 Trumansburg Road, Ithaca NY 14850. Hours Mon-Sat 11-6 and Sun 12-5. P:  607-272-3611.

Ontario Mall Antiques — Largest antique mall in upstate New York. Located on Rt 332 in Farmington (North of Canandaigua).

The Paris Flea — Located in downtown Skaneateles, on 23 Jordan St.

The Skaneateles Antique Center — 2 East Genesee Street, In the Village of Skaneateles, NY 13152, 315-685-0752. Hours:  Monday-Saturday 10 to 5:00, Sundays 11 to 5:00

Some good links:

Finger Lakes Antiques

I Love the Finger Lakes

Finger Lakes Marketplace

Also a listing of antique shows

If you like antique wooden boats, there is an Antique and Classic Boat Show every July in Clift Park, downtown Skaneateles. This year’s show is July 29, 30,  & 31, 2011.

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Finger Lakes Mother’s Day

Finger Lakes

Southern view of Owasco Lake

West side Skaneateles

Skaneateles from West Lake Road

Trillium Fields

Carp in the chute, Montezuma Wildlife Refuge

Sunset in Montezuma WIldlife Refuge

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Shotwell Park, Skaneateles New York, Veterans Day

“This Veterans Day, more than 125 American flags decorated Shotwell Memorial Park in the village of Skaneateles. The Skaneateles High School girls’ lacrosse team sold the flags for $30 each and put them in the park in honor of or in memory of a veteran of the buyers’ choice.

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Hunter’s Dinerant: Auburn N.Y.

Road Trip Sunday, March 14:

Montezuma Wildlife Refuge

Closed for the season

I now have a co-blogger, my husband Charlie, who will join me on my Finger Lakes “explore.” From this point on, this journey will never get dull. His comments are in italics.

It was a crummy, wet, cold March day. Stopped by the Montezuma Wildlife Refuge between Clyde and Auburn on Route 20. Ducks on the pond, mergansers. Grey skies and water. Ochre-colored grasses.
Sadly, the gate is closed so we can’t drive through. Happily, we walk in the drizzle and take in the wet sights and sounds.

Happily? For a duck. Even the hawks had enough sense to stay dry and warm.

Charlie mistook the telescope atop the observation deck for an owl. We’ll bring our birding book next time so he can get his silhouettes straight.

Really, I thought the telescope was an owl on lifeguard duty to make sure the ducks didn’t drown.

Charlie took films of the signs displaying photos of the rare birds that frequent the refuge. He commented that the eagles, ducks, osprey, falcons and hawks would be arriving as soon as the hospitality suite re-opens.

And why not? The visitors center looks like a private club for fowl and feather alike. They even have a satellite dish. I’m sure there’s a suet bar.

Hunter's Dinerant, Auburn NY

Next Stop, Hunter’s Dinerant in Auburn. An original-style diner car with stainless surfaces polished to perfection. Hunter’s is located at 18 Genesee St, Auburn, NY 13021, 315-255-2282. They are one of the few businesses without a website — so we will fill in cyberspace void.
Don’t let the street address fool you. This dinerant is NOT sitting on solid ground. It’s perched on steel beams above a river (apparently real estate in Auburn is SO expensive they had to create their own piece of property). Charlie talked with the very friendly chef who said that the current diner was dropped in circa 1951. There was a previous diner located perpendicular to this one prior to ’51.

I was impressed by the solid steel construction of the doors, but not the smell of the men’s room. When I mentioned to the chef that the picture of the former diner looked dilapidated, he said, “This one’s getting close.” I’d agree that the place looks a little worn but it’s a timeless treasure, and definitely worth visiting. The food is great!

Riverside view of Hunter's

Had we approached from this side, we might have been more wary!

Note: I did not see this view until AFTER we ate breakfast! Had we approached from this side I would have been more apprehensive.

This looks like a scene from Cape Fear.

If the above photo makes you nervous, the following photos should settle you right down!

Hunter's Dinerant, Auburn NY

Stainless and Peptol: perfect combo for breakfast hash!

All the wait staff were decked out for St Patrick’s Day (we arrived on the 14th), and the restaurant was tastefully decorated. The interior was “Pepto Bismol” Pink — from the stools to the counters and floors, which was a lovely contrast to the art deco-style stainless through out.


The jukebox played Toby Keith (“It’s All Good”) and Rascal Flats (“Life is a Highway).

I’d hoped to hear the Black Eyed Peas “Ba Bump.”

“De” our waitress served us hot coffee immediately and was very gracious about us taking photos and asking her questions.

Until Barb said we were writing a blog. Then she gave us suspicious looks. I think she thought it might be communicable.

We ordered a freta and the hash and eggs. I still don’t know what a “freta” is but it’s nothing to worry about — totally delicious and twice as much as I could eat. It was fritatta-like. Look at the picture and decide for yourself.

Two heart-stopping specials, and what a way to go!

eggs and hash

Eggs and hash

Breakfast at Hunters: Freta

This is a "freta"

The freta is shown on the left, hash on the right
Aren’t those eggs adorable? Both were great, very inexpensive. Notice that even our place mats were pink! If you want AUTHENTIC diner, this is the place, starting with the neon sign in front and continuing to the bottomless cups of coffee served in true Syracuse China style mugs. All of it was charming, warming and filling — especially after hiking the frigid swamp, but this next photo is the best part.

Our waitress "De"

Breakfast delivered by "De".

This is “De”. I say that “De” stands for “Delightful” — which she was. She greeted most of the patrons by name, and made sure they were seated in their preferred booth, while making sure no one’s coffee cup ever went empty. Visiting Hunter’s Dinerant is well worth the sights and the meal, however we hope that De is working when you arrive to make the experience complete.

I say that “De” stands for “Delicious” but what the heck is a dinerant? At least I did not see any diner-ants crawling around on the floor!

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